Every night is a Saturday night

Saturday night for me

Today I found something strange, When I went to school, When I watched TV, When I was at home.  I heard “Yesterday- The Beatles”, kinda good old song. My dad is an foreign music enthusiast, I first listen to “Yesterday” when I was a child. The second time that I could remember is on the movie on local channel, surely It was based in Dalat. ..

It is busy that day, I will not forget to see my friend’s first gig, I think it’s special with him. He has just practiced for it 2-3 weeks, or probably months. I regret that I could not see the progress. But It’s cool to watch him perform.

And I saw that someone has visited my blog recent days which push up my motivation to maintain writing and sharing day by day. Thanks for those whom It may concern. Sometimes It’s hard to tell what you’re thinking, word by word…