It is also about music, photography and everything that you struggle with it but someone steal it in a minute. Sounds ridiculous but in Vietnam, the copy right seems to be reckless, especially in photography. Partly, It is claimed that everyone still take one kind of photo which makes it easy to stimulate. I saw many people go to Mocking Bird Coffee (Ton That Dam Street) and take the same photo with the same composition, I strongly hate this. Firstly, I do clarify my picture after a shooting afternoon, and I put some good photos all in Photoshop and I, myself resize every piece of this. This is about respecting your work and your viewers.

Secondly, I gaze at these for hours, to memorize what is remaining, what we surely got before and after we take that shot and to realize what we hadn’t seen when we did it. I think that’s how your work is not easy to plagiarize. You must concern what to do, and do it in your own ways